Are cows causing global warming?

Livestock Population worldwide made by me 

There are 7.7 Billion people living on this planet (2018), that makes 3 living chickens per person. 86% of all land mammals are now livestock or humans (The Guardian). The land of the size of Africa is used for pasture, not counting the land that is used for growing crops exclusively for animal feed. This is a lot of space that is not gras land or forest. And as we all know, we need trees to counteract climate change. The loss of CO2 absorbing trees cleared for agriculture is a major reason why global levels of CO2 are going up. On top of that, cows and other livestock animals produce large amounts of Methane (that means their farts & poop 💩 ), which has 25 times more  potential planet warming power than CO2. That makes 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Holy Moly, that’s quite some shit these animals are up to (pun intended). Make of it what you want. My resources are linked below 🤓. 

Video by AsapScience:
Video by In A Nutshell:
Article by The Guardian:

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