Plant trees while surfing the web

Sometimes it’s so incredibly easy to do something good for us & the environment! 
Ecosia is a search engine that uses part of their income to plant trees.
In September 2018 they spent 45.3% of their income on tree planting. You can access all their financial reports on their website. 
So far this company is responsible for planting 43.5 Million trees all over the world, especially in areas that need it the most like Africa and South America. 
All you have to do to help, is use Ecosia as your search engine. The next time if you’re looking for something on the web, ask Ecosia instead of Google. It’s that easy!
Ecosia makes their money with adverts that you see when you search something, just like Google does. And the more people use Ecosia, the more money they make and more trees can be planted!
I’m using it for a few months now and it works perfectly well. On a few occasions I wasn’t happy with the result on Ecosia and used Google then.
To learn more about them, check out their website:

They wanted to buy a forest in Germany

There is a forest in Germany called „Hambacher Forst“ which has been occupied by activists for 6 years now to save it from being completely destroyed by a company who wants to use this space for a climate-destroying open pit coal mine. 
Ecosia wanted to save this forest and wrote a letter to that company.
They offered them 1 Million Euros for that piece of forest but this company declined. 
Probably because they going to make a lot more money with their coal, which seems to be all that matters, who cares about climate change…
It’s not like we don’t need the air to breathe, that trees clean for us. 

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