We’re eating plastic

Plastic is a material that is incredibly cheap and also doesn’t require much energy to be produced.
That’s why for many years now everything seems to be either packed in plastic or contains plastic. Although, there is this big problem, that plastic takes 500 to 1000 years to break down. Until then and many more years it just stays on this planet. There are 8 million tons of plastic in the ocean!!! By 2050 plastic is going to outweigh fish 😱
Because there is so much of it, many marine animals are swallowing a lot of this trash. Already by 2015, 90% of sea birds had eaten plastic 😔
What’s even worse is, that Microplastics are probably going to end up in us humans as well, they most likely already are in us. 
As there is so much waste in the oceans, this plastic trash releases these Microplastics and they end up in fish and we eat fish, so we also eat these Microplastics 🤢

Banning plastic is not the solution

Plastic is really bad for this planet and its nature and for us, but it also doesn’t take a lot of energy to be produced. 
In comparison, you need to use a reusable cotton bag 7100 times before it will have a lower impact on the environment than a plastic bag, as the production of a plastic bag causes much less CO2 emissions than the cotton one.
Plastic is also really helpful to package thrown away food in, which would rot away somewhere and produce Methane which is even worse than CO2 and plastic packaging helps prevent that. 
Everything has its impact on the environment and it’s hard to find the right balance. Fact is, there is way to much unnecessary packaging happening and it has to be reduced.
Generally not buying that much and not throwing away that much as we do currently could really help. 


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