The effects of global warming

So what exactly is happening to nature? Yes, temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, there are more floodings, but also more droughts and fires . But how is this all connected? 
Well, what was a little shocking to me was that 16 out of the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2001. Which means we broke 16 records in the past 17 years. So constantly every year set a new record on the hottest average temperature. It’s hard to deny that global warming is happening.
I talk about the greenhouse gas effect in one of my recent blog posts („Why CO2 is actually a good thing“).
This effect causes higher heat energy on earth and 90% of this extra heat energy is going into the oceans, which causes ocean based storms like hurricanes to be stronger and more destructive.
This extra heat is messing up the water cycle, as water vapor from oceans is increasing and that causes heavier rain and snow down pours. 
This is why all the record floodings are happening, that we hear from on the news. 
That increasing heat that evaporates more water from the ocean also pulls moisture from the soil, causing longer droughts. And this is why there are this massive fires in California, for example. 
Also growing crops is really hard when there is not enough moisture to our soil. Which could leave us hungry in some years, or at least poorer countries.
And let’s not forget about the rising sea levels that could make coastlines disappear.  

Video Al Gore explaining climate change:
Video by Climate-KIC:

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