Why CO2 is actually a good thing

We read a lot about CO2 emissions being a really bad thing and hurting our planet and us.
Which seems to be true, but it didn’t used to be this way.
We need CO2, Methane and other so called greenhouse gases to keep our planet warm. Without them we wouldn’t be able to live here as this planet would be a giant snow ball. 

The Greenhouse Effect

The process of greenhouse gases keeping our planet warm is called the Greenhouse Effect. And it works this way:
The sun sends rays to our planet and those rays would be reflected from the earth’s surface right back to space if we didn’t have greenhouse gases to keep the rays and their warmth on earth.
The greenhouse gases build an invisible layer all around our planet to keep part of the sun’s energy here. 
But the big problem now is:
There are way too many of those gases in the atmosphere now. And we humans produce them.
CO2 by burning fossil fuels, driving cars, flying planes etc.
And Methane comes from cows, which is an even more damaging gas than CO2. 
With this overdose of gases in our atmosphere, way too much warmth from the sun is trapped here, causing temperatures to rise.

Climate Change is nothing new

Some people, like Donald Trump don’t believe in Climate Change, arguing it always existed. And yes, that is true.
It did always exist, but the rise and fall of temperatures happened slowly, so nature could adapt to it.
But with human caused global warming, nature doesn’t have the time to get used to it and find a way to survive anyway, as it is happening way too fast.

Video by Neil DeGrasse Tyson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VUPIX7yEOM
Video "Global Warming for kids": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh8XVkzsn1Y
Article "Methane vs Carbone Dioxide": https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/methane-vs-carbon-dioxide-a-greenhouse-gas-showdown/
(German) Artikel "Klimawandel erklärt": https://www.jbn.de/kampagnen/klimawandel/klimawandel-erklaert/

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