Will we die without Bees?

Bees are incredibly important for us and our environment.
They keep so many plants, flowers and crops alive, that we either need as food or as O2 producers.
Bees help flowers to reproduce, they transfer pollen from a female plant to the male part of a plant. This mechanism is responsible for the production of 70% of vegetables, fruits, nuts etc that we eat on a daily basis! 
So what are we going to eat if  70% of these foods disappear?
Well, corn, rice and wheat would still be available. Mmh yummy.
But even meat, milk or eggs could be become a rare meal without bees, as livestock is fed with nuts, crops etc.
Even our clothing would become less without bees, as bees make the production of cotton possible. 
These hard working insects make up a revenue of 200 Billion Dollars. That’s how much money the economy makes with them. 

Why are bees dying?

Since 2006 bees started disappearing, their population is consistently decreasing. 
There are so many reasons like pesticides, parasites, stress through human activity etc. Mega farms make it hard for bees to find peaceful places in the wild. Also the genetic overbreeding of honey bees causes the lack of genetic diversity. All these reasons and more cause the colony collapse disorder of bees. 
What can we do to help?
Well for one, not buy any crops that are treated with pesticides, buy organic food. Show some support for local organic farmers.
And also, don’t consume honey.
350 bees work their entire life to produce 1kg of honey. And they need this honey themselves to survive as food through winter. Honey has extremely important nutrients for bees but not for us humans, for us it’s just sugar.
But all the honey is taken away from the bees to be sold to us. And bees get fed with sugar water instead, which is missing all nutrients that bees need.
That causes them to get sick and die earlier. 
There are so many alternatives to honey, like agave nectar, maple sirup, stevia etc. 

Video "Death of bees explained": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqA42M4RtxE
Video "Why do we need bees?": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7EpQnzbwA8
Video "What happens if all the bees die?": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JilYBVrFiLA
(German) Video "Why honey is not vegan": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PoNCxiWUzM

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